Whisky tasting with Miss Whisky

Pre-performance whisky tasting with Miss Whisky

Thursday 23 July

When you think of whisky, what springs to mind? Scotch? An Irish tipple? Those two countries lead the board, but there are many countries around the world that also produce ‘the water of life’. In this special event, founder and editor of the website Miss Whisky – Alwynne Gwilt – returns to Opera Holland Park to help attendees explore more exotic drams. In honour of the night’s operatic theme, four whiskies from France and India will be chosen to dissect, providing a wonderful journey for the senses. The tasting will be held in the Oak Room.

Priced at £87.50 this will include a selection of whiskies to taste, talk and a ticket in the red price band.

Please follow this link to be taken to the bookings page where you can select your seat in the red price band.