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We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following individual donors, trusts and foundations supporters and our community of Friends & Supporters, including those who wish to remain anonymous. We also thank the hardworking team of volunteers who generously donated their time and energy during the last year.



Tim Ashley and John Booth
Fiona and Andrew Brannon
Sir Malcolm and Lady Colquhoun
Timothy Corner and Eric Chomet
Dr Genevieve Davies
Paul and Wendy Giles
John and Clare Grumbar
Jenny Hodgson
Christopher and Jo Holdsworth Hunt
Javett Family International Charitable Trust
Angela and Richard Lascelles (Chorus Founder)
Mrs Sally Lykiardopolu
Charles and Annmarie Mackay
Alan and Jan Morgan
Mark Pigott KBE KstJ
Ginny and Richard Salter
Susan and John Singer
Rupert J Wilson
Maureen and Tony Wheeler

And those who wish to remain anonymous



Mrs Latifa Kosta
Carl and Jackie Michaelsen
Susan and Richard Price
Mr Antony Thomlinson
Jan Woloniecki

And those who wish to remain anonymous


Trusts, Foundations and Livery Companies

The Boltini Trust
The John S Cohen Foundation
The Constance Travis Charitable Trust
The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
The Garrick Charitable Trust
The Golsoncott Foundation
The Ofenheim Charitable Trust
The Postcode Community Trust
The Spears-Stutz Charitable Trust
The Swire Charitable Trust
The Adrian Swire Charitable Trust
The Worshipful Company of Grocers

And those who wish to remain anonymous


Zaza Production Syndicate 2017

Mark and Rosemary Carawan
Mr Glenn Hurstfield
Martin and Wendy Kramer
Mr Richard Leslie
Mrs Wendy Spackman
Trinity Buoy Wharf

And those who wish to remain anonymous


Young Artists Circle 2017

Mr Roger Amey
Mr & Mrs P.M. Beckwith
Ann Winifred Bird
Diana le Clercq
Charles Cormick
Mrs Lynne Gillon
Mr John Heywood
Mrs Susan Heywood
Mr Brian Horwell
Mickworth Charitable Trust
Dr Tim L Short
Mr Nick Thomas
John Wates OBE
Ms Ruth Wyman

And those who wish to remain anonymous



Mr and Mrs Anwar Al Qatami
Mr Jose Alvarez Stelling
Christopher and Cynthia Bake
Mrs Lulu Bott
Mrs Melanie Brown
Mrs Annone Butler
Mark and Rosemary Carawan
Mr Gavin Choyce
David Colver
Claire and Ivor Connick
Mrs Joan Constantinidi
Mr and Mrs Andrew Cormack
David and Suzanne Cowan
Mr and Mrs Jonathan Davie
Ms M Doizi-Young
Mr and Mrs Allen Dyer
Mr David Emmerson
Pat and Linda Farrell
Mr Tony Fathers
Mr and Mrs Richard Fernyhough
Mrs Eve Fowler
Mr and Mrs David Freeman
Mrs Jacqueline Gee
Mrs Lynne Gillon
Patricia and John Glasswell
Mr John Glencross
Mrs Grete Goldhill
Philip & Maggie Gready
Jocelin and Cherry Harris
Roger and Alison Heath
Clare Henderson
Mr John Henderson
Mr and Mrs John Heywood
Mr Allan Hodgson
Mrs Kay Huffner

John and Rowena Jackson
Mr and Mrs Nigel Keen
Martin and Wendy Kramer
Mr and Mrs George Law
Paddy and Sue Linaker
Dr Tracy Long
Mark and Liza Loveday
Stuart and Ellen Lyons Charitable Trust
Charles and Annmarie Mackay
Mr Paul Manduca
Mr and Mrs Henry McWatters
Sir Brian Neill
Mr and Mrs John O’Connell
Mr and Mrs Vincent Oratore
Ms Alison Packer
Michael and Amanda Parker
Mr and Mrs Andrew Peck
Posgate Charitable Trust
Mr Derek Power
Neil and Julie Record
Mr Chris Rokos
Sir Timothy and Lady Sainsbury
Mr Ian G Salter
Thomas Schoch
Mr Martin Sherwood
Sir David Sieff
Susan and John Singer
Mrs Wendy Spackman
Helen and Anthony Spiro
Mr William Stockler
Peter Stormonth Darling
Ms Eileen J Taylor
Mr Michael Thomas QC
Mr and Mrs Henry Tinsley
Sir Robert and Lady Wilson
Antony and Carla Withers
Ms Anne Wood CBE


And those Ambassadors who have chosen to remain anonymous.



Mr Justin Abbott
Mrs Georgina Adam
Sir Richard and Lady Aikens
Dr Amir Aliev
Mr Stephen Allcock
Mr Jeremy Amos
Mr Philip Amphlett
Mr & Mrs Chris Andrew
Mr and Mrs Richard Andrews
Mr Anthony Ashplant
Ms Rosemary Astles
Dr Julian Axe
Dr John Axford
Mr and Mrs Tom Banks
Mrs Caroline Banszky
Professor Ray Barrell
Mr and Mrs Martin Barrow
Mrs Gioia J Bashi
Mr Nigel Beale
Mr Christopher Bellew
Mr and Mrs Stefan Benedetti
Mrs Sheila Benson
Mrs Louise Black
Mr Porges and Ms Borda
Mrs Kate Bowes
Miss Susan Bracken
Mr Ivor Brecker
Dr David Briggs
Mr and Mrs Simon Broadbent
Professor Edwina Brown
Mr George Brown
Mr Robert Brown
Mrs Elizabeth Buchanan
Mr Jules Burns
Mr Ian Butchoff
Mr Clive Butler
Miss Susan Butler
Peter Cadbury
Mr David Caddy
Fiona Campbell
Lady Camrose
Mr and Mrs Julian Cazalet
Mr Roger Chapple
Mr Paul Christie
Mr Roger Clark
Mr Alex Collinson
Mr and Mrs Oliver Colman
Mrs Elizabeth Conway
Mr Charles Cormick
Mr Chris Coulcher
Mr Richard Czartoryski
Mr Michael Hartley Davies
Mr Anthony Doherty
Mr Benoit de Vitry
Mr Ken Donner
Mr Douglas Downie
Mrs Margaret Edwards
Mrs Susan Eliot-Cohen
Miss Anne-Marie Ellis
Ms Sally England
Mrs Clare Fane
Mrs Stroma Finston
Mr Michael Foy
Mr Paul Giles
Mr Edward Turner and Mr Stephen Friedman
Dr Paul Gilluley and Mr Tim Hardy
Dr David Glass
Mrs Bernadette Gooley
Mr Bill Gordon
Mr Michael Gore
Mr Peter Gray
Mr Jeremy Greenhalgh
Mrs Helene Gross
Ms Jean Guise
Mr and Mrs Robert Guy
Mr and Mrs Robert Hanrott
Mr Ralph and the Hon. Mrs Harrisson
Mrs Noel Harwerth
Mr Peter Hazell
Mr Michael Higgin
Mrs Kim Hills
Mr Eric George Hinds
Mr and Mrs Roy Hinds
Mrs Peggy Hooton
Mr John Horley
Mr and Mrs Denzil How
Mr John Hussey
Mr Rudi S K Jagersbacher
Mr David Jenkins
Mrs Harriet John
Mr Jonathan Johnson
Susanna Johnston
Mr Daniel Kaminski
Mr Richard Kaminski
Mr Michael Kerr-Patton
Ms Edna Kissmann

Mr Leonard Klahr
Miss Mei Sim Lai OBE DL
Ms Linda Lakhdhir
Mrs Sonia Land
Mr Peter Leaver
Mrs Mary Joan Lee
Lady Lever
Mr Christopher Lewis
Mr Richard Lewis
Mr Mark Lewisohn
Mr Graham Light
Mrs Joan Lindh
Mr Christopher Littmoden
Mr and Mrs Robert Lloyd
Mrs Maria Manduke-Curtis
Mrs Sara Manisty
Mr Jonathan Martin
Mr Peter Martyr
Mr and Mrs Anthony McCann
Mr John McVittie
Mrs Primrose Metcalf
Mrs Kathryn Michael
Mickworth Charitable Trust
Mr Rodney Milne-Day
Mrs Brigid Monkhouse
Mr Roger Morris
Sir Andrew Morritt
Mr Timothy Motley
Mr Russ Mould
Mr and Mrs Terence Mowschenson
Mr Barry Munday
Mr James Shaw Murdoch
Mr Robert Neill
Ms Anita Neuman
Mr Paul Newman
Mr R L Buff Norgren
Mr John Norton
Ms Eithne O’Leary
Mr Stephen Parkinson
Sir Idris Pearce
Mr Gordon Pell
Mrs Jo Philpotts
Mrs Anne K Pinson
Paul Cartledge and Judith Portrait
Mr Mark Powell
Mrs Susan Prain
Mr Martin Prevezer
Mr Nigel Pullman
Mr and Mrs Denis Pusey
Mr Siegfried Ramseyer
Mr Roger Reed
Mr David Reeks
Ms Katherine Rees-Oliviere
Mrs Dianne Roberts
Mrs Jan Rynkiewicz
Mr Alan Sainer
Ms Maya Sama
Mr Ivor Samuels
Ms Caren Saville-Sneath
Lady Anne Seymour
Mr Peter Shaw
John Sheldon
Mr Hugh Sims-Hilditch
Mr Brian Smith
Mr Graham Smith
Mr J. E. K. Smith CBE
Ms Sandra Smith
Mrs Sonja Soper
Mr Simon Spence QC
Mr and Mrs Spiller
Mr and Mrs Graham Stradling
Mr George Suter
Miss Felicity Sutherland
Lady Sykes
Ms Frances Tait
Mrs Claire Tallis
Mr John Tattersall
Mrs Kazuko Thomas
Mr Nick Thomas
Sir John and Lady Tomlinson
Lady Tucker
Miss Sara Turnbull
Mr Thomas Ulrich
Mrs Ann Underwood
Mr and Mrs Ken Vere Nicoll
Sir David and Lady Verey
Mrs Sue Walters
Reverend John Wates
Mr Douglas Wem
Mr Stephen West
Mr John Wilde
Mr Geoffrey Wilson
Lady Woolf
Mr Huw Wynne-Griffith
Mr Derrick Yates
Ms Susan Zohn


And those Envoys who have chosen to remain anonymous.


We would also like to thank all of our Friends for their loyal support.



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