City of London Sinfonia − Resident Orchestra of OHP

Opera Holland Park is proud to present City of London Sinfonia (CLS), who has been the resident orchestra here at OHP since 2004, playing repertoire from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. CLS is the orchestral home to over 40 musicians, who come together in the shared belief that music has the power to transform people across all areas of society, performing in over 75 performances and spending over 150 days delivering participation projects every year.

“I have had the great privilege of conducting the City of London Sinfonia at Opera Holland Park in every season since 2011. Over the years we have developed a wonderful rapport – a real sense of musical partnership – and I hugely look forward to our rehearsals and performances together. This is an orchestra of alert, open, agile, responsive and generous musicians. Moreover they are an exemplary opera orchestra – always sensitive to the challenges of opera pit, the needs of the singers, and to the drama. They react in the moment throughout each performance, creating proper music theatre. No opera conductor could ask for more.”
– Matthew Waldren, Conductor

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More about CLS

The Orchestra values and presents the highest quality performances by removing the barriers between musicians and audiences, allowing them to experience the life-changing power of music created through sharing a wider range of experiences together beyond the concert platform.

Musicians of CLS spend over 150 days of the year working with young people with life-limiting, psychiatric conditions, and older people who are struggling with the loss of loved ones or memory, and schoolchildren in culturally-disadvantaged regions. Music-making helps to keep memories alive and minds active:

CLS invites jazz, folk and contemporary musicians, artists in film, dance or visual art or with explorations of science, history or philosophy, to enhance and transform performances, giving an extra dimension to new music and shedding new light on the familiar.

With the help of Creative Director and Leader Alexandra Wood, the Orchestra delivers imaginative performances and projects with their Associate Artists, who come to CLS to achieve ambitions they could not realise elsewhere.

Their success is demonstrated by the growing number of people joining the wider CLS family – audiences, artists and not least those who support through financial investment – who share CLS’s vision for transforming people in all parts of society through music-making. CLS also performs in schools and nurseries; their music gives very young children the chance to experience the joy and fun of orchestras for the first time and lets them fall in love with it, opening a path to performing, firing their creativity, and boosting their learning.

“It’s an orchestra that’s alive. It’s an orchestra that is talking. It’s an orchestra that wants to engage with anyone out there.” – Katherine Spencer, Principal Clarinet at CLS