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Mirrors Project

‘Mirrors’ is the third project Opera Holland Park has held with the Adult Day Services in RBKC and LBHF. Weekly workshops were delivered at both day centres, followed by a series of joint workshop sessions which saw both teams coming together to share their ideas and work together at a performance on 2nd December.

The aim of the project was to create an immersive and interactive show by and for people with Multiple Learning Disabilities and the people working with them – celebrating the innate creativity within everyone and uniting everybody involved in a creative process. The final performance was devised as a show that could encompass the unpredictability of circumstance, such as working with a different group of people in each workshop, inviting someone new into the project, developing work already written with a view to including people with limited or no verbal ability. The project allowed over 50 people to take part regardless of level of perceived ability.

Over ten weeks, workshop leader Abigail Sudbury and composer David Keefe worked with each group bringing in different aspects of music based around the theme of exploring the other side of a mirror where they discovered the jungle and the ocean.  The final performance used both themes and brought in the sights, sounds and movements found in these environments.


 The Pirates of Penzance Intergenerational Project

OHP Inspire - Intergenerational Project (Pirates of Penzance) (c) Alex Brenner, please credit (_DSC6349)

‘A creative music project for primary school children and individuals with varying forms and stages of dementia’

Opera Holland Park’s The Pirates of Penzance has proven to be an extremely successful pilot intergenerational project for KS2 primary school children (Year 5) and individuals with varying forms and stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Part-funded by Public Health, two KS2 year 5 classes from St Charles Primary School (RBKC) and service users from a nearby Alzheimer’s day centre, Chamberlain House, enjoyed a variety of activities based around popular themes and music from Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, culminating with a performance of the operetta delivered by a professional cast of opera singers.

Full details of the project are available in the report and short video below:

INSPIRE & The Pirates of Penzance



VocalEyes – Audio Described Performance


The first audio described performance at OHP took place in 2014 when the company worked with the specialist audio description company VocalEyes.  Audio description is a live commentary which enables blind and visually impaired audiences to follow what is happening on stage and to be able to share the experience with their friends and family.

Below is a podcast from General Manager Micheal Volpe and Producer James Clutton about working with VocalEyes.

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