Music and Wonder… Gala 2017

Photography by Ludovic Robert

One Gala event can often become indistinguishable from another in the memories of those who attend them but at OHP, as a company of a theatrical pedigree, we try to bring something extra to our event; those who have previously attended will attest that this is one of the most memorable evenings in the OHP year and is unlike any other you will experience with us.

We are happy to say that November 7 lived up to its title of Music and Wonder. Guests were taken on a journey through the ‘backstage’ of an opera and to the main event itself, a sumptuous dinner peppered with performances from Elizabeth Llewellyn, Susan Bullock, Lauren Fagan, Jennifer France, Matthew Rose, Anne Sophie Duprels and David Butt Philip.

The evening is designed to raise funds for our Inspire work, but first and foremost, the Gala brings you into an immersive evening of opera and theatre, great food and wine. The Gala is about experiencing our art in a beautiful and surprising way in a spectacular environment, an elegant gathering that puts music and conviviality above raffles and auctions.