What is Inspire?

Created in 2010, Inspire is dedicated to working with the community to embrace, engage and enrich the lives of all. We are fortunate to work with people from all backgrounds, welcoming everyone into the Opera Holland Park family as equals. Inspire aims to:

Bring people together
We seek to bring together people from all walks of life and engage everyone in our welcome opera community. Inspire brings together marginalised groups as well as the general public in our inclusive and indiscriminate creative hub.

Educate and integrate
Using music, singing and other art forms, we hope to engage as wide a range of people as possible in opera, as well as explore and break the taboos on a wide range of relevant topics.

Enrich the lives of everyone
Music and opera bring a huge array of benefits to our everyday lives, as well as more therapeutic and health benefits. We aim to bring music and opera out to those unable to reach our theatre, and enable the best possible access within and to our theatre, in order to benefit and enrich the lives of everyone.

Be a point of pride to members of the company and community
Social responsibility is central to Opera Holland Park’s beliefs and Inspire aims that our creatives, staff and neighbours feel one with their community, welcoming more people into the art form.

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We have four key areas of outreach:

Ticket Schemes and Theatre Access

We are committed to providing the best and most inclusive space for our opera patrons by offering accessible opportunities and schemes. From free tickets, to special deals, to disability-friendly performances, Inspire offers a safe, welcome and engaging space for all.

  1. Free Tickets for Young People
  2. Free Tickets for Older Audiences
  3. INSPIRE £20 Tickets
  4. NHS & Emergency Staff 2-4-1 Tickets
  5. Audio-described performance
  6. Relaxed performance


Social Inclusion

At Opera Holland Park, we are committed to welcoming people from every background into opera as equals. Our Social Inclusion projects aim to overcome social exclusion and isolation, and bring people together through the international language of music and drama.

  1. Refuge in Music
  2. Concerts in the Community
  3. Opera for Thought


Health & Wellbeing

Music and drama are understood to have therapeutic and health benefits to individuals. We work with many people living with dementia to enrich their lives, recollect memories and engage with their loved ones and their present selves.

  1. Playlist for Life



Whilst all our projects are to some extent educational, Inspire provides dedicated educational services to schools and young people across London. Exposing younger generations to opera, educating through music and storytelling through drama enriches the school curriculum and allows young people to access a seemingly exclusive art form.

  1. Schools Matinee
  2. Breaking Disability Boundaries

For more information on Inspire, please contact Inspire@operahollandpark.com. To support Inspire, please click here.