Frequently asked questions (FAQs) at Opera Holland Park and their answers

Where is it best to arrive with a wheelchair user and do OHP have wheelchairs I can use?

You can drop off a wheelchair user (by car) in the turnaround by the Holland Park café, adjacent to the side entrance to the theatre, with prior permission from Parks Police. This is accessed via the Ilchester Place Gates. Please email them or call 07973124066. Alternatively you can use the Abbotsbury Road car park entrance. OHP do have wheelchairs that can be used by patrons. The patrons must collect and return these from/to the front of house stewards before and after use. A steward may be able to assist you with a wheelchair from the turnaround by the café and when you are on the theatre site. Unfortunately, our staff are not able to work beyond this boundary and cannot, for example, collect people from the car park. Please telephone the box office on 0300 999 1000 to advise us that you will be arriving with a wheelchair user. Please click here to read more about Accessibility at Opera Holland Park.


Can I drive up to the theatre gates?

If you or a guest have difficulties with mobility, you can drive/be driven to the turnaround by the Holland Park café, accessed via the Ilchester Place Gates with prior permission from Parks Police. Please email them or call 07973124066. Please click here to read more about Accessibility at Opera Holland Park.

May I leave my possessions on site whilst I am watching the opera?

You may leave picnic equipment at your picnic table where they will not be disturbed. If you are arriving with items such as suitcases these may be left in a quiet corner of the theatre site. Please note that the front of house team will need to be informed about this on the evening you are coming and where your items will be. They may be subject to a search. Valuable items such as laptops may be stored with security at their discretion. All items are left on site at the owners’ risk.

What is the procedure with picnics and picnic tables?

All picnic tables must be booked in advance through our Box Office on 0300 999 1000 or online at bookings.operahollandpark.com. The dimensions of the picnic tables are:

Picnic Deck, Dutch Garden Lounge and Mezzanine: 60cm x 120cm or 80cm x 80cm (four people only)
The Terrace: 98cm diameter

We strongly advise that, if you feel you need more space, additional tables are booked prior to your attendance date (subject to availability and capacity limits). All queries and requests regarding layouts of tables/where the table is positioned on the picnic area should be referred to the Box Office on 0300 999 1000. We do not guarantee table position. We will try our best to help where possible but cannot promise that every request can be provided for and we must give due consideration to health and safety and clear gangways. It is highly unlikely during the evening that we will be able to amend any reservations then.

Please note that picnics are NOT PERMITTED in the theatre unless you have a table booked. We would advise that you take advantage of the park and environs. Your bags can be brought into the theatre and staff will advise where you can leave them. Please be aware these may be subject to a search.

Can I remain at my table during the performance?

We do not permit patrons to remain at their table during a performance, nor access the picnic areas if you have left the auditorium. We will ask you to remain in the foyer.

What are the interval lengths?

Interval lengths at OHP vary according to the opera and will be published on our website 2 days prior to the first performance. We do not provide long ‘dinner break’ intervals. OHP are bound by time restrictions and we must therefore clear the site by a certain time. This is also why we rarely permit picnics to be resumed after the performance although from time to time this is possible. You will be advised on the evening whether this will be possible.

How do I book a picnic and what do I do if I have any comments/feedback about it?

You can book a picnic through our Box Office on 0300 999 1000 or online at bookings.operahollandpark.com. To view our menus and more information about refreshments at Opera Holland Park, click here. All comments/feedback should be emailed to info@operahollandpark.com or by telephoning 020 3846 6222.

Are animals allowed in the theatre site?

Clearly identified support dogs for the disabled, including guide dogs are allowed on the seating stand. No other animals are permitted. Please inform the box office prior to attending on 0300 999 1000 to let us know that you will be arriving with a support dog.

If I have any comments, complaints or praise, where do I send them?

We hope that you won’t have any problems when visiting OHP, but if you do then one of our House Managers should be able to assist you during your visit. If you need to contact us further this can be done on info@operahollandpark.com.

When are your toilets open?

Our toilet facilities are open before the show from 5.30pm, during the interval and at the end of the performance. Please note that if you leave the auditorium during a performance you will not be readmitted until a suitable break in the performance – this could be the interval or even the end of the show if leaving during the second half.

What are the running times of the operas?

These are available on the individual events pages 2 days prior to the first performances of the opera:

Details for our 2018 season will be announced shortly.

How do I book a taxi to pick me up/drop me off at the theatre?

The postcode of the theatre is W8 6LU. You can be dropped off at several gates around the park – we would advise that the Ilchester Place Gate and the Abbotsbury Road car park are the best. Some taxi companies know this as the Belvedere Restaurant. Please advise your taxi firm to collect you from there also. Please locate a taxi number prior to arriving at the theatre as our front of house team are unable to provide you with numbers or book taxis on behalf of patrons. For more information about how to find us, click here.

Are latecomers allowed in?

Our default policy is that latecomers are not allowed in under any circumstances. The policy is written on all tickets. Latecomers are allowed to sit in the foyer of the theatre and watch the performance on the television feed. They will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance – this could be the interval. If you leave the auditorium during the show the same rules apply and you will not be readmitted until a suitable break occurs. However, we do, when possible, attempt to let people into the auditorium.

There are many reasons for this approach; the unique nature of the theatre means that latecomers can cause distraction not only for the audience but also the performers.

If you are late, we will ask that you stay in the foyer and not attempt to move around the site.

Can I take pictures or film the show?

Filming, photography, recording and telephones are not permitted during the show. You may be asked to leave the auditorium if you use any such equipment. Non-flash photography is allowed in the auditorium prior to the performance, during the interval and during the curtain call.

What do I do if my guests arrive after me and I have their tickets?

We have a member of staff at the front gate who deals with ticket collection. You can leave guests tickets here with the name of the guests on the ticket.

Can I get food at the theatre?

Yes, the bar has a selection of sandwiches and snacks thanks to our preferred caterer, the Admirable Crichton. To find out more about refreshments at Opera Holland Park, click here. There are also several restaurants in the area.

Why do you not allow Print at home tickets on the Ticket Exchange?

We are unable to offer the Ticket Exchange service to orders that have selected the Print at home option of delivery due to the inability to destroy the original ticket. This could lead to multiple tickets being produced for the same seat.

A word about our staff…

Our staff are employed and trained to provide unobtrusive assistance and guidance and to ensure your safety at the theatre. They are there to help you enjoy the experience of OHP. They have specific instructions and must, for a variety of reasons, carry these out. Please try to understand this and remain polite and cooperative. It is a thankfully rare occurrence among our audience but OHP will not tolerate abuse or aggression towards our staff in anyway whatsoever. If you are not happy with the instructions of a member of staff, please refer to one of our on duty managers. Patrons who abuse or intimidate our staff in any way will be asked to leave the theatre and will receive no refunds. Likewise, if you feel that a member of staff has provided unsatisfactory service or has been impolite in anyway, refer the matter immediately to a house manager.

Front of House management reserves the right to alter our policies, rules and services at any time, subject to circumstance.

If you have any other question about Opera Holland Park, please do not hesitate to call the Box Office on 0300 999 1000 or one of the administration team on 020 3846 6222 and we will endeavour to help as much as possible.

Click here to read more about What to Expect at OHP.